Twitter Madness

I was crammed in a train that was half its usual length this morning (which is annoying) and chanced upon a headline when I caught a glimpse of a newspaper over someone's shoulder. It read something like: Driving with no hands so they can twitter.

I think twitter has come under a bit of a bashing recently but I don't think it can be blamed for people's stupidity behind the wheel. There are plenty of in-car reasons why people let go of the wheel that are avoidable. Let me think of a few:

  • Changing CD/Radio Station
  • Lighting cigarettes
  • Finding cigarettes or lighter in bag/off floor etc.
  • Texting
  • Drinking
  • Sneezing

The list goes on. I don't suppose the sneezing is necessarily avoidable. But people are inherently stupid. It wasn't twitter's fault the driver had no brains.