The 2+ tier internet

Well it seems that my seemingly innocuous site is by default blocked on O2's content filter. presumably because of one mention of the word buggered; meaning broken is this instance.

I'm not going to change my post and im not going to ask for it to be reclassified. I'm leaving it as-is because the whole thing is a farce. The sooner we destroy it and the Cameron internet, the better.

My poxy little site is not going to highlight this injustice to the world, i know. I'm not that full of myself but perhaps the fact that the nhs site is by default blocked might ring some alarm bells.

God help us if a child stumbles across some information about their own body or learn that the thing they've been embarrased and hiding from their parents is actually serious and needs proper attention.

It's things like this that make you feel like jacking the whole internet thing in and getting a job at a supermarket stacking shelves. These politicians are dicking around with too many things they know nothing about.