Staying Focused

Writing this on my birthday just to be a martyr. I'm close to the end of a rather large project, based on the size of the majority of our jobs and I've found, over the course of the last six months that it is so much easier to get work done at home.

I was wondering what was causing the distractions and I'm still no closer to getting an answer. I think the office is a great place to be but when I really need to concentrate there is no way I manage to do it at my usual desk.

I find it odd because even when at home I have a twitter client open and various IM clients but I get a better clarity of thought somehow. I thought I would be more easily distracted at home by the myriad recreational opportunities (xbox main culprit) plus the inevitable housework but it doesn't get a look in.

I wish I coulld figure it out and get back in the swing of things in the studio.