Python is odd

I have a couple of jobs using the django framework on the go which is written in python; a language I haven't really used before. After a good bit of sifting through code and finding my feet I can't help but feel that it doesn't know what it really is.

Firstly it has some OOP but not fully; no static vars or access levels for vars or methods. Even php has this. Then there is fact that it compiles, sort of, but you can't just deploy the compiled files. It needs the source there too.

The syntax is odd, relying on indentation to denote the boundaries of functions and control statements. I haven't yet found a nice python IDE either. I guess Textmate would be the answer but my normal app of choice is Coda by Panic software.

I'm not knocking it as a language event hough it probably seems I am. It's just different. I thought Objective-C was different a few years ago but I'm used to it now.

My next challenge is getting faster at developing with django. I think a library of code for a project base would help and then I can hit the ground running. I am intrigued by the CMS that my good friend @moxypark is writing. Sounds like he's making something quite magical there. Maybe I can have a play soon.

I'm sure I'll be posting more about django soon so I'll shut up now.