New Mac, new life

I bought myself a new laptop the other week from the Apple refurb site. I saved about £300 on what can simply be called an amazing laptop.

I opted for the 15 inch model for portability's sake. The battery life is great as is the speed. The screen is crisp and matt so no reflections.

About 2 weeks after the purchase Apple released a new model; the one with the black surround to the screen similar to the current iMacs. Apparently its only available with a gloss screen although I haven't checked. When I heard this news I was a little sad to have just missed out but then I checked the specs. I bought a machine with a better hard-drive, processor and ram so in effect I have a better machine still than the standard model and only 0.1 Ghz slower processor than the higher spec CPU on the new one.

I'm not so distraught after all now.