Morning of Failures

This morning has been a bit of a trial. While I'm normally one for grumbling out loud and those of you that know me will attest to this, this morning has ben particularly useless and needs to be vented.

Apart from my car deciding it would like to collect moisture and allow it to freeze to the inside of the windscreen, it started fine as it always has and I got to the station in plenty of time, or so I thought.

The first ticket machine was out of order and has been for several days now. The one on the platform I travel from seemed to be working again after yesterday's 'out of service' status.

The lady in front of me in the queue could not figure out after repeatedly choosing a return ticket type why it wasn't giving her a single fare price. After her (an my) train turned up she gave up and joined the train, leaving me to get my ticket and wait for the next one.

Once again the machine refuses to give me a receipt despite showing the receipt button on 2 screens. It simply isn't selectable.

I ask at New Street station in the remaining 2 kiosks that I didn't try the other day just to have a receipt printed, written or even tattooed on a passing flying pig. Nope, still nothing but the man at one of the counters starts telling me what I can and can't claim against vat. It's not even for vat you dumb shit. Just give me a receipt.

Right, on to Urban Coffee shop. I need some money first. Three out of the four cash machines I tried were out of order. Two of which were proudly displaying that they ran on windows XP professional so there's no surprise why it broke then.

Finally I am sat with a warm drink and ready to start the day but somehow I feel it has already been set on a track it will be hard to change from. Time for some over-the-top optimism methinks.

Grrr, people and machines. Can't abide it.