Drupalcon Paris 2009 - Day 1

Official day one was more a warm-up day but the venue was plenty busy enough. The code sprint room was rammed and overflowed into the break-out room where the sponsor expo is.

I was hoping to blog from the barcamp but I ended up hosting one of the sessions and then looking for my phone for the other 2. That was annoying as I found it in a pocket of my bag I’d already checked about 5+ times. Bah.

Anyway, fun was had by all despite the internet being a bit temperamental. Apparently that has been fixed for tomorrow.

I was expecting quite a lonely evening compared to last night as I hadn’t made plans to meet up for food with anyone but I had a really great time. There’s a small moroccan place near to my hotel that does the best tagine in the world. That and a couple of glasses of wine (one free from the owner) and follow it with and impromptu music evening and you’re away. We had 2 fellow customers show their talents on the piano and the flute. Afterwards the owner got an instrument akin to an 8 string lute/guitar out and played for a bit. Marvellous.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow but I can see that work is going to encroach more and more on my time. I have made spaces in my schedule for it that should hopefully cover what I need to do. Now for a bit more code before bed.