Drupalcon Paris 2009 - Arrival

I took the Eurostar over and arrived at about 17:30 local time which gave me a few moments in my room to change but I soon headed out to the venue to see who was there. I met up with a couple of hitherto unknowns and we ended up going to grab some food at Chez Papa's.

I really have go to recommend the Magret de canard (with the poivre vert) it was cooked just right. Tomorrow is the proper first day of the con so I shall be up with the birds to do some work, listening, learning and networking.

I hope to be in the barcamp and if I need to talk about stuff then I’m sure I can come up with something. The 2 big things that have been a pain on recent jobs are importing old data and recurring updates. I wonder how these could be made easier.