Coffee shop code

I think I could probably count on 1 hand the number of times I've ventured into a coffee shop on my own to purchase a beverage. There's normally no need for me to be there; I don't like tea or coffee, I don't like the smell and I don't know the code.

When it gets to my turn, after letting a few people who look 'in the know' go first who seem to order a slingback latte (pron. lah-tay) with extra hot croutons, I step up to the plate and ask for a hot chocolate. I suddenly find myself assaulted with a barrage of questions about how I'd like my drink. Normally all I really want is somewhere warm and dry to sit but that's not an answer.

The mug before me now seems to be a standard hot chocolate with no cream and for some reason the squat mug is considered tall. Next time I'll find a pub.