CiviCRM - Ideas for future development

There is an official page on civicrm's wiki site to document many of the possible changes for civicrm v3.0. As a result, this page is simple a brainstorm I'm working on and not an indication of any comfirmed features for civicrm.

Disclaimer out of the way, time for some ideas. I have been working closest with the events system which will probably skew the focus of this page. I'll start with the list I've slowly been adding to.

  • Design based on use cases.
  • A lot of my changes have been direct functionality requests from my clients. This is a key indicator of the needs of the crm
  • Events statuses snaphots.
  • So it is possible to look back at event state before it began.
  • Modular framework - easily extendable.
  • By having modules, the system can be as small or as large as needed in terms of functions
  • Only load what is needed for any page request.
  • I think this is more or less the case but adding requires all over the place is getting a pain
  • Modules that have prerequisites to 'borrow' functionality from other code
  • Simply the same way that drupal modules work
  • Menus exposed to the host cms (Drupal/Joomla)
  • I'd love to be able to edit menu item names etc from within the cms
  • Directly expand on a cms user.
  • This is basically profiles with extra refining.
  • Ability to create a cms user if one doesn't exist for a contact.
  • Batch mode for the above too
  • Price sets for memberships
  • I had to add this but I borrowed a fair amount of code from events, surely we can do it for memberships as standard
  • Ability to moderate memberships
  • Simply put, not all people who sign up will qualify for membership.
  • Image uploads
  • Built in support for uploads using fckeditor + image_assist etc.
  • Combine the editors in cms with that of civicrm's.
  • I combined fckeditor with reasonable success but for drupal but in future there is wysiwyg api to do this job. This should mean easier maintenance of the editor, it only requires a config file then.
  • Events sub pages
  • e.g. testimonials and associated media etc. Use the host cms to provide these? It should extend the life of an event page's usefulness and keep things together.
  • Full calendar system to locate/browse events.
  • I think this may already exist but who knows how much the system will change for v3.0
  • Integrate with social networking systems.
  • Twitter, Facebook and Flickr etc. Build an output conduit system, modules provide the links to the actual destination system.
  • Usability is KEY to front and back end.
  • We know this already and steps are being taken
  • Memberships/Relationships are ACLs too.
  • I think this is a critical feature. One which will bring civicrm on a par with role purchasing in ubercart etc. Memberships have a lot more granularity than just a role. Grace periods etc.
  • Free places based on membership/relationship
  • Basically, what do you get as a perk for being a member? How about free entrance to events. Simple, or rather not quite. I've added a membership for organisations that cascades to individuals and on top of that, the admin gets to choose how many places they get.

I will add to this list as and when I can and please add your 2 pence in the comments.