Breaking the back of it

I'm not sure I can remember back as far as the beginning of this project but up ahead I do see a glimmer of a hint of a finishing post.

I've had a bit of a steep learning curve but I think I've managed to get a grasp of how civicrm ticks. The next step is moulding it to my will; most of which is done.

I look forward to making my mark on the continued development of CiviCRM, I've found the developers to be very active and friendly particularly in the IRC channel. Now that I can see the fruits of my labour over the past few months, it will be great to contribute these developments back into the core code.

At the end of March, when this project should come to an end I can put my pen down (as it were) and have a think about how to get my changes tweaked to benefit others and not just this project.

Roll on April I say.