, promising but it's not quite there yet

I had a good long play with the new Atom editor by the folks at github. While I haven't tried to write plugins for it, unlike this guy, I've tried to use it just as I have been Sublime 2 for some time.

Atom editor

I know it's in beta and things should get better but a few deal-breakers prevent me from continuing for the immediate future.

  • Scrolling is jerky and horizontal scrolling is almost unusable.
  • Autocomplete is a key combination and not inline.
  • Random text selection when trying to highlight a portion with the mouse.

UPDATE: v0.120.0 seems to scroll horizontally now with no discernable glitching

That's quite I short list I think so maybe I'll come back to it in a couple of months to see how things have progressed. On a lighter note, there are some things I do like.

  • Clear, unobtrusive git statuses in the gutter.
  • Easy and quick plugin installation.
  • Already has the Monokai theme I use day-to-day (plugin).
  • Simple font size changing
  • Supports split pane layouts (either Cmd + k followed by direction or Cmd + shift + p and search for split).

So, for what it's worth, I'd say it's getting there but there's a little way to go right now.