And in Local News...

Catching up on tweets from earlier today I notice a link that @podnosh mentioned about very local media. You can read the post here for more info. Essentially with the demise of local papers etc social media has stepped in, in Lozells. The question is, how long can it keep going?

After reading it, I wanted to find out more about my local area of Kings Norton so these are my findings.

When searching for Kings Norton more often than not you will find out about the church, the Saracen's Head (now Saint Nicholas Place) and the Old Grammar School. Rightly so I guess because recently the church has been involved with the refurbishment of the other two owing to the BBC Restoration programme.

I think though, that there is so much more that is going on outside my back door that I never hear of it brings me to question the successfulness of my day-to-day job. I work with websites all day every day and now having become involved with Nick Booth's social media surgeries I find myself getting more and more involved with what the web can do for us normal people. Apart from google, emails, ebay and facebook, what are the resources on a hyper-local level?

Here are a few sites related to Kings Norton I feel are noteworthy. I don't want to critique the sites directly but if I find a problem getting info I'll mention it. - The most visible community site in the area and they still produce a printed magazine delivered to our doors. Full credit to them. - A Church of England parish site. Unfortunately the community link in the menu isn't clickable in safari but does have a page: - A wordpress blog about the regular farmers market held at the green, All sorted, we now have easy access to this info on the home page. - Dedicated to the refurbished properties of the Saracen's Head and the Old Grammar School. (We made this so welcome criticism). - A site that needs further development but is hoping to 'paint an authoritative picture of "King's Norton - Past and Present".' - The Local Rugby Club's site. They're looking for players/members too.

Where do I go next? well that will take some consideration and a bit of time planning but maybe there is a way of getting all this info out to people. The web is a great content delivery mechanism but there are so many ways of doing things it can be hard for the layman to find out how to get what they need.

I've invited a couple of these to the Social Media surgery this week so maybe I'll get a visitor there.