The Joker

I've had a go at doing the Joker from Batman. This sculpt was heavily influenced by a picture I saw on Deviant Art. I'll try and »


I'll get a post up of some of the first things I made but for now, here's a few pics of Rudi of Mighty Boosh fame. »

Elite Trader

I've been watching the progress of the new Elite: Dangerous since its kickstarter and although I have access to the Beta, I don't have a windows »

Seeing visual progress

As a developer, a great deal of what I do is totally non-visual yet ultimately will power a web page, app or similar. Obviously the people »

Some OOP best practices

I do my best to write decent code but sometimes all I seem to write is smelly code. I'm not sure whether it's me not analysing »

The 2+ tier internet

Well it seems that my seemingly innocuous site is by default blocked on O2's content filter. presumably because of one mention of the word buggered; meaning »